Feiras Novas with past and future

When this Association of Feiras Novas wrote about the Herald and the 190 years of these festivities, it was more focused for the past for the Herald characters and compared the old acients with the modern communication technology, either individual or collective.

Today we volver for the future our attention, our imagination, our want of people that comes together to carry out, since a few years now, our Feiras Novas.

There is still blood in the guts of many who are an active part of this association that is that we are all, sooner or later, hit by the desire to deliver the beam of light of these initiatives to new people, for the future of Feiras Novas never be in cause.

We're not reveal weakness, we are not of those who give up at first, we are bold people, united, cohesive, with initiative, but no one is infinite or irreplaceable, so we dare to give this set of lines the title of Feiras Novas with past and future.

Last there is a retrospective of 190 years, this year to be designed for the Parade, where all the living memory and you can bring to this, pass before the eyes of outsiders, that may to Ponte.

We take pride in having with continuous effort, and the history of Feiras speaks for us, have given the best within our reach to the events that are already part of the past and that is the scythe of butchery remember comments: -THAT IS THAT WERE FEIRAS NOVAS

That's right we are bordering the river so dear to oblivion, but that's poetic imagination, as the Bridge of people do not forget the past, are proud of their history and we also and above all, here and now, past the Feiras Novas.

The program this year gives us reason and justifies many of the claims that we do now. We do not fear the future. Who sows harvests and we launched in young people, the youth of today that want a better future than the present, so we believe that Ponte de Lima always count on the Feiras Novas, that is to say they have a promising future, although the people say that the future belongs to God alone.

In Brazil, now in crisis, the people say that God is Brazilian and so go slipper on the foot, but always sambar, Ponte de Lima has the Lady of Sorrows and we can say that God is Limiano and therefore the Feiras Novas will his blessing.

There they are, announced on the poster is the first number of the rest of life of these great festivals of our land and we believe it will be so for years to come, so we can say with the title of this article: The Feiras Novas have passed and have a future.

The association Concelhias of Feiras Novas

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