10 of September

Last fair free

08h00 -

Save Morteiros
Day dedicated to the Religious Solemnities in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows - Patron of the Festivals.

09h00 -

Largo de Camões (Music bands with concerts throughout the day)
Musical Band from São Martinho da Gandra (Ponte de Lima)
Musical Band from the House of the People of Moreira do Lima (Ponte de Lima)

10h30 -

Igreja Matriz
Solemn Mass with Sermon in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows

Present at the Cross, Mary lives and feels the sufferings of her Son.

16h30 -

Centro histórico
Procession in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, with very figurative allegorical, confraternities, Fanfare of the Volunteer Firefighters of Ponte de Lima and local Associations.

"Hear, Madame, the appeals of my shivering birthplace, a village which, in its Great Feast, lights on the very rich towel of Your Altar and before it parades gathered, (...) fresh and verdant village,
with a river of magic that seems tired of so much running and smiles in an exhilaration for the leda emeraldine landscape
of its banks. Return your pious look to all the Limarense who walk away from the paternal nest, in the struggle for the
daily bread, comfort them, sweeten their sorrows. Mitigate their homesickness ".

19h00 -

Largo de Camões
Farewell to the Bands
"And so they end / How do they command the traditions? We have the final ball / In our Largo de Camões "
Ermelinda Mendes

From Alameda de São João to Largo de Camões

23h00 -

Largo de Camões

Only when balloons without fire;
Already without rockets the Sky,
We will come from the pilgrimage,
What a beautiful thing we did not see!
Pedro da Silva