Message Chairman of the Board

A party with exclusive features

The pilgrimages, like other cyclical events of festive character, assume a great aggregating power for the communities that carry them out.

And perhaps no other possesses this power in such a high degree as the Feast in Honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, in Ponte de Lima.

The strengthening of the collective spirit is very visible in the commitment and dedication of all those who participate more directly in the organization of the parties, a slow and continuous process, which begins soon after the festivities of the previous year. But it is also visible in the readiness and joy with which the limianos respond to the call to the party, appearing in the streets and squares of the village, to some just the small gesture of opening the door of house, to others here running of distant places, where life took them.

It is a feeling of belonging as New Fairs, in an unmistakable way, a sedimentary. The feeling that unites us, that unites us to its population, that makes the parade, thanks to the contribution of many fractions, as its traditions and not grandiose costumes, without the history, that it is important to go to the Mother Church to honor a passion and enchant as a street to pass a Procession of Our Lady of Sorrows, which enlivens the days and nights with a song, light and fire.

It was in this spirit that, almost two centuries ago, the representatives of the city council, echoing the will of a handful of residents of Ponte de Lima, requested that three successive fairs be held in September, not only to stimulate also as a way of enhancing the cult of Our Lady of Sorrows, whose image was placed on an altar of the mother church of our locality.

It is in this same spirit that today the Festival Committee, the participants in the various events that mark the program, the inhabitants, the visitors, the various entities and Authorities continue to live and to make the New Fairs. The human frame has grown a lot. The spirit remains. And so it will continue.

Victor Mendes
Chairman of the Board of Ponte de Lima

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