8 of September

First free trade fair

08h00 -

Save Morteiros

08h30 -

Expolima - Big Ride
Livestock Competition
Simply beautiful and adorably fantastic. One of the best
moments of the New Fairs, where the vanity of the creators is justified by the
beautiful specimens they present.

Feitosa's popular music group

08h30 -

Largo de Camões
Animating the streets during Feast days.
Group of Zés Pereiras
Heads and Gigantones
"Friends of Sand - Darque"
Grupo de Bombos Santiago de Poiares
Bombs of São Marçal
Group Recreativo de Viariz
Baião Volunteers
United of Parody
"Friends of the Farra"
Friends of the Borga

" Begins the noise of the boom / The streets to announce
Soon after the Gigantones / All day dancing "

Ermelinda Mendes

09h00 -

Largo de Camões (Music bands with concerts all day and night)
Musical Culture Group of Ponte de Lima
Philharmonic Orchestra 12 de Abril - ÁGUEDA

10h00 -

First National Competition of hens of native breeds in P. de Lima

12h00 -

Parade of the Participants of the Livestock Contest
Coming out of the way, Alameda de São João and Largo de Camões

12h15 -

Largo de Camões
Ribumbar de Zés Pereiras and Gigantones, promoting the attractiveness of the outsiders.

They are the popular ferment of the New Fairs, animating the streets during the days of Festa
and promoting the attractiveness of the outsiders in strong despiques made at 12:15 pm in Largo de Camões.

16h00 -

Opening of Bombos and Gigantones
Parade of Regional Costumes
Parade of Concertinas
01. Pilgrimage of São Lourenço / Gondufe
02. The Fair - Ardegão / Freixo / Mato
03. Samiguel of Cabaços / Cabaços
04. The Easter / Fontão
05. The Fishing of Lampreia / Santa Comba
06. Seara and her Traditions / Seara
07. Return to Fonte / Ribeira
08. The Washerwomen of the Rio Lima / Arca / Ponte de Lima
09. Pilgrimage of Santa Justa / São Pedro d`Arcos
10. The Blacksmiths / Brandara
11. Traditional Costumes - Embroidery / Bertiandos
12. Artistic work in Stone / Calheiros
13. The Fishing of the Lamprey / Arcozelo
14. The Furnaces of Coal / Estorãos
15. Cooking of Broa - Feast of St. Mary Magdalene / Fornelos and Queijada
16. The Dressmakers / Friastelas
17. The Tamanqueiros / Vitorino das Donas
18. Flax and Chestnut Tree in Art and Tradition / Rebordões Souto
19. The Collection of Milk / Facha
20. Lagar do Azeite - Go to Feira / Navio / Vitorino de Piães
21. Pig Slaughter - Coming from the Field / Border

Agricultural and Environmental Activities
22. Horta / Correlhã
23. Growing the Beans / Rebordões Santa Maria
24. Onion Cycle / Assemblies Vale do Neiva
25. Mace / Feitosa Wine
26. The Serão - A Pisada / Barrio and Cepões
27. The Malhada and Traditions of the Parish / Poiares
28. The Malhada / Refoios

16h30 -

Expolima - Big Ride
Lively and original race of garranos, which involves high number of participants.
Horse Racing Paso Travado

22h00 -

Centro Histórico
Rebates and Concertinas

The most genuine night of popular culture. Hundreds of concertinas invade this town and give the New Fairs the sublime food of songs to the challenge, the malicious brejeirices
and the surprising repaints of the toilets.
A unique night.

06h00 -

Expolima - Summer Music Fest

" It's time to throw the fire / But what great joy
See you on the bridge / Ali has his magic "
Ermelinda Mendes

00h30 -

An important fireworks session