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In the far reaches of Babylon, the People of God exiled and subjected to forced labor, hung their harps and the beautiful songs of Zion were not heard ...

The winners who carried them captives were well insisted on with them, so that with the songs they would render the work, but ... silence was the answer.

We had a beautiful psalm, which already inspired poets and musicians. We Limianos do not use harps, but we have this popular instrument, which already filled the beach of our enchanted river, and what would be the New Fairs without this instrument, without singing them to the challenge, without the torn ones by the night inside, that express well the be of the soul of our people.

We will not shut up nor pronounce the plague of the exiles:

- Let my tongue be bound to the roof of my mouth, if I forget Jerusalem! This love gives me the nickname to speak of that enchantment that binds us to the Bridge of Lima, which binds us to our land, which binds us to the New Fairs.

And Ponte without the river had no name. There is Ponte because there is river and our name is the name of the river. We are a charming and charming village, not only in the New Fairs, but throughout the year it draws crowds, for our being, for our beauty, for our geographical situation, for our enchantment, for our gastronomy.

And ... the river, when passing through Ponte, forgot to continue - that well portrays this the dam that gives us the calm waters, where even canoeing shines!

We have a Lima river enchanted by our village and we have a village enchanted by our river. reminds me of the court of the high-minhoto poet, who looking at Galicia and Minho side by side wrote that "Galicia plus the Minho are like two boyfriends that the river brings separated since almost the birth ..." but in Ponte the River it does not separate;the Bridge joins the two banks, the fire is beside the enchanted river, the festival of the gardens is beside the enchanted river, the New Fairs enchant themselves with the river as well.

It is good to see this charm, it is good that the river is with us, because the water is life, the Lima gives us life, so we are happy "enchanted" to have a river like this, delighted to be with us.

Let it stay with its freshness, its gracefulness and its crystalline waters. So Bridge will be more Bridge and Lima will be more Lima ... GOOD NEW FAIRS FOR EVERYONE.

The Direction

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